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Students face further hardship as Erasmus funding threats intensify


25 Oct 2012


EU Priorities 2020


"The unacceptable jeopardizing of the Erasmus programme is the result of the EU's suicidal policies" Spanish MEP Willy Meyer told Commission and Council representatives in a debate on the funding threat to the 25 year-old Erasmus student exchange programme. Possible insolvency means that next year's crop of Erasmus students may not receive their grants.


"Cuts to Erasmus would be yet another factor compounding the situation for families trying to assert their children's rights to free education" Meyer said. "Student mobility must continue and apply across the EU" he said, referring to the particularly tough situation in Spain where the education sector is taking to the streets and where youth unemployment stands at 25%.


French MEP Jacky Hénin called Erasmus "one of the EU's most successful programmes" saying it represents "the spirit of sharing rather than competition". "We should be working together to provide more grants for students who are already struggling financially. The programme should be extended, while training efforts and lifelong learning for workers across the continent should be enhanced."


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