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Statement of solidarity and support to those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine


28 Feb 2022


Global Europe

EASL is committed to promoting research, sharing, and communication among professionals, across Europe and beyond, interested in the liver and its disorders. Our mission is founded on democracycooperation, and sharing healthcare expertise for the greater good. Our network of healthcare professionals and their patients extends right across Europe and beyond.

We, the EASL Governing Board, thus call on our fellow medical associations to join us in strongly condemning the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, carried out under the orders of Vladimir Putin. We wish to express our deepest sympathy to those affected, to Ukraine and its citizens, especially our Ukrainian members and colleagues.

We call on the European Union, the United Nations, WHO Europe and other UN agencies, humanitarian organisations, and the international community at large to protect all victims of this conflict, particularly those living with liver diseases. We further ask for a swift delivery of humanitarian aid assistance for all civilians, notably so that so people with liver diseases can access the care and treatment they urgently need.

We urgently call for peace to protect civilians and prevent further harm.