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Statement by Members of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left on the situation of the Sahrawi people in the territories under illegal Moroccan occupation and the current escalation of violence.


02 Nov 2010


Global Europe

We, the undersigned GUE/NGL MEPs, strongly condemn the actions of the Moroccan army, especially on Sunday 24th, during which El Garhi Najem, a 14 year old Sahrawi, was killed and seven others were injured.

We support the Sahrawi people in their struggle against the illegal Moroccan occupation and for the protection of their human rights. We therefore emphasise our sympathy with the 20,000 Sahrawi who left the occupied cities to protest peacefully against and highlight the gross violations of human rights perpetuated by the Moroccan state and its policy of exclusion.

The European Parliament must call for an open investigation so that the people responsible for the murder of El Garhi Najem are punished. We urge the EU to freeze the Association Agreement with Morocco, a country that is violating Article 2 of the Association Agreement on human rights.

The undersigned Members of the European Parliament urge the Moroccan authorities to immediately stop brutal attacks on peaceful protestors and the increasing repression against Sahrawi people. Morocco should comply with international law, namely UN resolutions which demand a referendum on self-determination and an end to the colonisation process.