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Statement by FIA Region I on landmark European Court of Justice ruling on ATU and Carglass vs Fiat Chrsyler


06 Oct 2023


Brussels, 5 October 2023 – The FIA Region I warmly welcomes the recent ruling by the  European Court of Justice regarding access to in-vehicle data by independent repairers. This  landmark judgment unequivocally reinforces our long-standing position that security  gateways implemented by vehicle manufacturers under the pretext of cybersecurity are not  only unfair and disproportional but also incompatible with EU legislation. 
The Court's decision sends a clear and resounding message: vehicle manufacturers must  adhere to existing EU regulations without imposing unwarranted barriers on independent  repairers seeking access to vital in-vehicle data. This ruling vindicates our stance and  underscores the need for a level playing field within the automotive industry. 
The FIA Region I remains unwavering in our commitment to championing fair and transparent  practices within the automotive sector. We will actively collaborate with aftermarket  stakeholders to ensure that this decision is respected and that the interests of consumers and  independent operators are protected. 
We view this judgment as a significant step forward in promoting accessibility, competition,  and innovation in the automotive landscape. 
Laurianne Krid, FIA Region I Director General adds, “The automotive aftermarket provides  numerous maintenance and repair services for consumers. By providing undiscriminated  access to vehicle data, consumers can benefit from a wider range of services and provide  independent operators a possibility to innovate on new solutions for consumers.”  
Read the European Court of Justice (Eighth Chamber) ruling here, regarding Case C-296/22  opposing ATU and Carglass to FCA Italy.
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