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Statement by Affordable Medicines Europe on the Russian invasion of Ukraine


02 Mar 2022


Global Europe

The situation unfolding in Ukraine is extremely shocking and we, Affordable Medicines Europe, wish to express our unequivocal support and solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We strongly condemn President Putin’s invasion of a sovereign European country. We applaud the actions taken by the European Commission, European Council, EU Member States, and countries around the World.

Help to people, healthcare workers, and the Government of Ukraine

In this time of crisis, in order to support the Ukrainian people, Ukraine’s healthcare workers and Ukraine’s Government, we are focusing on what we do best. Based on a list of prioritised medicines prepared by the Ukrainian authorities, our members are supplying medicines, in the form of donations, to be delivered to Ukraine via a large logistics centre in Prague, Czechia. The medicines will, with the help of a Polish Humanitarian organisation and Polish trucks, be brought into Ukraine, where the medicines are most needed.

Our Romanian members have already delivered the first trucks of aid directly into Ukraine, and more will follow in the coming days from there as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people and those around the world affected by this reckless attack. We stand with Ukraine.


For any questions or queries concerning this press release, please contact Kasper ERNEST, Secretary General, by mail at or by mobile +32491255611.

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