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A standardization system fit for the future: CEN and CENELEC unveil their strategy 2030


01 Feb 2021



CEN and CENELEC are proud to announce the publication of their new Strategy 2030. This high-level, forward-looking document will help guide and shape the work of the two European standardization organisations and their 44 members across 34 European countries throughout the decade to come.

Our world is changing faster than ever, driven by environmental and geopolitical changes and technological innovation. Such structural trends raise a variety of challenges across different regions and industries, and make for an unpredictable, at times even turbulent, market environment. However, these rapid changes also offer opportunities for growth and innovation. With the new Strategy 2030, developed through an extensive consultative process at national and European level, CEN and CENELEC are determined to act on these opportunities by providing innovative and flexible standardization solutions that will benefit the socio-economic resilience of Europe overall.

Through the new Strategy, the CEN and CENELEC community aims at “Building a safer, more sustainable and competitive Europe through European and International Standardization”. To achieve this, the organisations state as their mission: “through our stakeholders’ networks, we create consensus-based standards in order to generate trust, fulfil market requirements, enable market access and innovations for a better, safer and more sustainable Europe”. 

The Strategy 2030 establishes a series of five goals that will guide CEN and CENELEC’s actions in the next decade: 

  1. EU and EFTA recognize and use the strategic value of the European standardization system
  2. Our customers and stakeholders benefit from state-of-the-art digital solutions
  3. Increase the use and awareness of CEN and CENELEC deliverables
  4. The CEN and CENELEC system to be the preferred choice for standardization in Europe
  5. Strengthen our leadership and ambition at the international level

As a strategic framework for CEN, CENELEC and their respective members, the Strategy 2030 will provide a frame of reference to ensure complementarity, coherence and consistency across the strategic exercises and long-term objectives of all actors in the CEN and CENELEC community.

CEN’s President Vincent Laflèche commented: “Our ten-year Strategy 2030 is framed against the background of the twin digital and green transitions. In this way, it will allow us to make sure that European standardization is fit for the 21st Century and ready and able to support a radically transformative growth strategy for Europe”.

CENELEC’s President Dany Sturtewagen added: “This Strategy is a collective effort. Only by engaging our wide and diverse range of Members and stakeholders can we achieve the ambitious goals identified in this Strategy 2030. We invite all our members and stakeholders, therefore, to join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards 2030.”

CEN and CENELEC will start the implementation of their common Strategy 2030 over the course of 2021. The full text of the document can be downloaded here.