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Socialists and Democrats in Chemnitz today: Together with citizens for democracy and freedom!


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In the context of the S&Ds #EuropeTogether initiative, S&D Group president, Udo Bullmann, and S&D MEP from Saxony, Constanze Krehl, will meet with citizens in Chemnitz to discuss about Democracy and Europe.
The event is part of the S&Ds “Democracy Month” and will be organised in form of a “Go Local” event in the city. One of the key topics will be the threat posed by nationalist and far right forces.
The S&Ds “Democracy Month” was launched with a TOGETHER event in Vienna (Austria) in October, followed by a “Go Local” Tour to engage with citizens in Brno (Czech Republic), Košice (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary). After Chemnitz, the S&D Group will go to Copenhagen (Denmark) next week (22 November 2018) and hold an event in Krakow (Poland) on 30 November 2018. In all these places, the future of democracy and the respect for the rule of law and fundamental rights is at the heart of the discussion.
Commenting on his upcoming visit in Chemnitz, Udo Bullmann, S&D Group president said:
“I am looking forward to having an open exchange with citizens in Chemnitz. I am coming to listen and to understand what matters to people, how they see European politics and what we could do better in their view.
“Our fight against right-wing extremists, who threaten Europe from the inside and outside, will also form part of the discussion today. Right-wing populists and nationalists do everything to undermine the idea of an open, diverse, democratic and social Europe. Yet - we will not accept this! We defend the European idea of freedom and justice in all those areas and regions where it is under attack.
“Over the last weeks and months many people in Chemnitz have taken a clear stance against radicalisation and have defended the concept of an open and peaceful society. I am looking forward to speaking to these courageous and engaged people today.”
S&D MEP Constanze Krehl regrets that Chemnitz has mainly been in the news with a one-sided picture recently. She added:
“We want to engage with activists, trade associations, NGOs and local initiatives, who have fought since a long time for democracy and a society based on solidarity.
“We have to show the many positive examples of engagement, which locally active people and associations do on a daily basis, in order to create a network of common support.”
Note to the editors:
Following the recent developments, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had visited Chemnitz in early November and SPD Minister for Family Matters, Franziska Giffey has been there already for the second time.
#EuropeTogether is an initiative of the S&D Group in the European Parliament to bring citizens closer to Europe. It brings together politicians, universities, civil society representatives and citizens to debate and propose new ideas for the future of Europe. 


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