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On the situation in Albania


25 Jan 2011


Global Europe

Statement By MEP GUE/NGL  Nikolaos Chountis

I would like to express my regret on the death and injury of protestors during the recent demonstration in Tirana and my condolences to the families of the deceased - said MEP  Nikolaos Chountis, European Parliament Rapporteur for Albania - . The circumstances that led to those deaths and injuries must be immediately investigated by the judiciary, without any obstacles or interventions, and responsibilities should be assigned duly.

The political situation in the country has been at a stalemate for the past several months. Repression and violence not only do not solve the problem, but instead are aggravating the impasse. In view of the forthcoming mobilisations, President Berisha and the Albanian Authorities must respect the democratic right of citizens to demonstrate. The Government and the Opposition should act with political maturity and responsibility. Government and Opposition have to take all necessary measures to prevent the escalation of violence and to find a political solution through dialogue.

As noted in the past, including in the Resolution adopted by the European Parliament, respect for democracy, application of law, combating corruption, full transparency and the sincere efforts of all political forces are not only necessary conditions for a solution to this chronic political stalemate, but also for addressing the problems of Albanian citizens.

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