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Single Market Strategy: cheaper daily life for EU citizens


26 May 2016


Trade & Society

The European Parliament has called for a modern and more innovative Single Market Strategy in a Resolution adopted today, drafted by EPP Group MEP Lara Comi.

“The adoption of the Resolution provides an important contribution to the achievement of a modern and innovative Single Market, based on specific proposals in individual areas”, stressed Lara Comi MEP.

"We have to take the bull by the horns and tackle the real problem: the Single Market should be more about SMEs, start-ups and consumers. They need to be offered better quality, greater variety, reasonable prices and safety of goods and services”, said Comi.

“The adopted strategy is expected to help Europe grow economically; this particularly applies to SMEs which are the backbone of the European economy. When the Single Market finally comes to life and unleashes its full potential, the EU's annual GDP is calculated to grow by 4.4% which accounts for an additional €615 billion per year”, she continued.

Amongst others, Comi called on the European Commission to present a legislative proposal that will put in practice geographical indications for non-agricultural products in the EU. “This will put an end to an inadequate and highly-fragmented situation in Europe: relevant information on retail products, in particular the indication of country of origin, is crucial for the protection of consumers and the fight against counterfeiting”, stressed Comi.

“The establishment of a common system of labelling, which, in other words enables consumers to know details of the products they are buying, is necessary if we want to ensure equal product quality in different Member States. European citizens are filled with hope for a functioning Union. It is time to deliver”, she concluded.