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The SHORE project launches its first open call with available grants for schools reaching up to 10,000€


17 Jan 2024


Climate & Environment

The EU-funded SHORE project has launched its first open call on 17 January 2024 to fund school projects on ocean and water literacy with grants reaching up to 10,000€ per project.

Grants for school: 10,000€ available per project

The SHORE grants are available to primary and secondary schools established in the European Union or in an Horizon Europe Associated Country and located in one of the project’s regional target areas (Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Rhine River, and Danube River). The SHORE Open Call #1 welcomes proposals on a variety of topics aimed at increasing the ocean and water literacy of primary and secondary schools students. The most outstanding school project will be awarded “Ocean Ambassador of the Year” during a public contest.

“Ocean and water literacy relates to the understanding of how ocean, seas, and rivers impact us and how we affect them.”


Between 17 January and 20 March 2024 at 17:00 (CET), schools can submit their project application through the SHORE submission platform (hosted by F6S). Following the submission period, evaluations of the projects will be conducted by external assessors. In June 2024, grants will be awarded to the selected projects. The projects, lasting up to 6 months, will then be implemented by the schools from September 2024 to February 2025. A second SHORE open call will be launched during the second semester of 2024. 


SHORE supports the EU’s Mission Ocean and the Network of European Blue Schools

The European Union’s Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters” aims to protect and restore the health of our oceans and waters by 2030 through research and innovation, citizen engagement, and blue investments. SHORE is dedicated to implementing the Mission Ocean’s objectives and help connect citizens, local communities, and schools through education and training activities and training activities. The project also offers guidance to schools wishing to join the Network of European Blue Schools which promotes ocean literacy and environmental education in schools across Europe. Schools that are accredited members of the network or aspiring to join it can apply to the SHORE open calls.

About the SHORE project

SHORE is a Horizon Europe-funded project aiming to enhance the ocean and water literacy of primary and secondary school students and educators by empowering youth to become agents of change and eco-citizens. It is supported by a diverse consortium of 15 partners and led by the Yildiz Technical University (Turkey). Over its three-year duration, SHORE will support 100 primary and secondary schools’ projects via 3 Open Calls and with a total available budget of 900,000€. Beyond awarding grants, SHORE serves as a comprehensive resource hub and a bridge between researchers, local stakeholders, and schools in its targeted regional areas (Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Rhine River, and Danube River).


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