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SGI Europe reacts to the second part of the Fit-For-55 Package of the European Commission


16 Dec 2021



On 15 December, the European Commission published its second part of the Fit-For-55 Package, including a revision of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the new Gas Package. This package aims at further decarbonising the EU economy, in line with the EU Green Deal ambition to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and become climate-neutral by 2050.

Commenting on the proposals, Valeria Ronzitti, SGI Europe General Secretary, said:

On the proposed revision of the EPBD:
“SGI Europe welcomes the ambition for the review of the EPBD in the context of the renovation wave, which should help to address energy poverty and ensure better housing affordability. These key proposals are central to ensuring the citizens’ support of the measures undertaken to achieve the climate and energy transition. The building and housing sector must play a greater role in decarbonisation. However, the implementation remains crucial. SGI Europe calls for adopting a more “climate-efficiency centric approach” to the EPBD, with more ambitious targets on carbon emissions, which could lead to reducing both GHG emissions and energy consumption.”

“The timeline and the obligation rules for penalties on Minimum Energy Performance standards, laying down the obligations of Member States to ensure that buildings achieve energy efficiency standards, do not propose a fair model taking into account the social, national, regional and local, circumstances. We need to ensure a fair and just implementation of the EPBD to decarbonise the building sector by providing Member States with recommendations.”

On the Gas Package:
“SGI Europe welcomes those long-awaited proposals and takes note of the approach in facilitating the uptake of renewable and low carbon gases, including hydrogen, and ensuring energy security for all in Europe. SGI Europe calls to ensure setting the foundation to develop both for recognising fossil gas as a stepping stone towards the elimination of coal and as a transitional and flexible solution to introduce renewables."

"Developing long-term solutions by supporting the sustainable gas sector and a low-carbon and renewable electricity market will be key to reaching the EU climate targets. Transforming this ambition into reality requires an all-inclusive approach where all types of low carbon and renewable energy sources are treated on a level-playing field and considers the strategic role of the existing gas infrastructure.”

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