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SGI Europe Reaction to the 2021 Strategic Foresight Report


08 Sep 2021


Global Europe

Today [8th September 2021], the European Commission adopted its 2021 Strategic Foresight Report, putting forward a future-looking and multidisciplinary perspective on the EU's open strategic autonomy around four challenges: climate change and environmental challenges; digital hyperconnectivity and technological transformation; pressure on democracy and values; and shifts in the global order and demography.

Commenting on this new Foresight Report, Valeria Ronzitti, SGI Europe General Secretary, said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the exceptional weather events of the last few months, have highlighted the need to prepare, anticipate and build resilience and sovereignty to face future crises. This Strategic Foresight Report 2021 brings proposals to address those needs.”

“Foresight should become the guiding roadmap for EU policy-making. However, additional efforts will be needed to reach that objective. SGI Europe is committed to raising foresight awareness on the ground, and it expects the same commitment from the EU institutions and Member States. For this reason, we welcome the proposal for setting up an EU-wide Foresight Network of “Ministers for the Future, and we call for the Social Partners to be associated to this network.”

“We welcome the holistic approach put forward in the Report. Environmental challenges extend well beyond climate change and CO2 emissions, as biodiversity loss and healthy soils are vital facts that needs to be addressed. SGI Europe supports calls for a smart mix of industrial, research and trade policies with international partnerships to build sustainable and diverse supply of decarbonised energy sources. Circular economy should also be a central element to boost resource efficiency.”

“Building resilience and strategic autonomy on social and economic matters will only become a reality if the Resilience Dashboard becomes an integral part of the EU economic framework around the National Recovery and Resilience Plans, the EU Semester process and bringing to life the “Beyond GDP” approach: SGI Europe is committed to support the EU and national institutions in building this “virtuous circle.”

“The Strategic Foresight Report should now become a cornerstone of decision-making process at EU level. The Better Regulation agenda, including the Fit for Future Platform and the yearly Commission Work Programmes, could further play a central role to bring to life its ambitions.”

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