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SGI Europe comments on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas


01 Jul 2021


Development Policy

On Wednesday 30 June, the European Commission presented its communication “A Long-Term Vision for the EU’s Rural Areas”. Highlighting amongst others the importance of services of general interest, infrastructures and public services, this communication further emphasises the role of SGIs in building a resilient and inclusive society leaving no one behind.

Reacting to the communication by the European Commission, SGI Europe General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti commented: 

“SGI Europe welcomes the new approach set out in the European Commission’s Long-term vision for EU’s Rural Areas, and the intention to address this issue in a holistic way for the first time at EU level. Throughout the EU, every citizen and enterprise needs access to fast internet and secure energy, water, waste and wastewater management. To that aim, strengthening local services of general interest must remain at the heart of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas.” 

“In the wake of the pandemic, and in order to get out with a more resilient society, it is now time to adopt a new paradigm for Europe, based on high-quality services of general interest. This approach should be a common thread through the whole of EU policy-making, especially with regard to the green and digital transition. A successful long-term strategy for rural areas must include the integration of services of general interest to guarantee the sustainable development of our rural areas.”

“With its members, SGI Europe will continue to contribute to shaping stronger, more connected, prosperous and resilient rural areas. Solutions should be designed for specific needs and assets with the involvement of regional and local authorities and local communities. Rural areas have to deliver services of general interest to become anchors for economic development, and remain at the heart of the new Cohesion Policy.”

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