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Seasonal Workers: selective, not imposed migration


06 Feb 2014


Social Europe & Jobs

"By regulating the flows of third-country seasonal workers, we are taking the necessary steps to build a competitive economy with a migration policy that responds to our needs without jeopardising the jobs of European citizens", said Véronique Mathieu Houillon MEP, EPP Group Spokeswoman on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, following the vote on the Directive on seasonal employment in the European Parliament.

Every year, approximately 100,000 seasonal workers travel to the European Union to work. The Directive provides for the implementation of similar working conditions for third-country seasonal workers and European workers, in particular salaries, working time and vacation entitlement.

"After three years of hard work and negotiations, the first EU scheme on circular migration was adopted today. The implementation of the Seasonal Workers Directive will reduce abuse and the exploitation of workers, improve their working conditions and contribute to the fight against irregular migration. Meanwhile, Member States will keep their right to determine volumes of admission according to their needs, rejecting applications when EU workers are available", declared Georgios Papanikolaou MEP, EPP Group Shadow Rapporteur on the Directive.

"On the one hand, we are guaranteeing decent treatment for these workers and are saying loud and clear that Europe does not encourage poverty. On the other hand, we are fighting against unfair competition in order to protect the jobs of European citizens", explained Véronique Mathieu Houillon.
"It is a key element for developing a realistic migration policy which will enable each Member State to adapt the flow of foreign seasonal workers to the needs of their economy", concluded Véronique Mathieu Houillon.

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