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S&Ds welcome final deal on the reform of the Emissions Trading System (ETS)


09 Nov 2017


Sustainable Dev.

Brussels, 9 November 2017

After lengthy negotiations, representatives of the European Parliament, the Commission and the EU Council yesterday evening finally reached an agreement to reform the EU Emissions Trading System. The S&Ds pushed for ambitious measures to make sure that the system delivers the required 43% cut of CO2 emissions in ETS sectors by 2030.

Jytte Guteland MEP, who is the S&D spokesperson for the file, said:

"The final outcome is stronger on climate than the Commission's proposal. More allowances will be removed from the market and cancelled, meaning we will improve the working of the system by strengthening the price signal and make it more expensive to emit. The deal also closes the door to using common EU funding measures in the ETS for investments in coal. This brings the ETS more in line with the EU's climate and energy targets, but more needs to be done to put the ETS on track with the Paris Agreement.

"The deal is an important victory for workers in carbon-intensive sectors. One of our key priorities is to mitigate any negative social impacts in the transition towards a sustainable and decarbonised society. The S&D Group has managed to ensure funding possibilities for projects focussing exclusively on aspects such as the redeployment, re-skilling, education of workers, in close dialogue with social partners.

"I'm pleased that there is also a clear signal from all institutions that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will need to deliver a CO2 commitment for shipping consistent with the Paris Agreement which would drastically cut the emissions from the sector. The Commission will start publicly reporting annually on the IMO process and the Parliament will continue to check if any progress is made. In case the IMO does not deliver, EU measures will have to be introduced in 2023."

Miriam Dalli MEP, the S&D spokesperson on environment, said:

"From the very beginning it has been our fight to ensure an ETS that delivers the commitments made during the COP21 in Paris and makes sure that we achieve the 2050 climate objectives. This is the legislative tool that helps us turn fancy words into proper action.

“The deal will ensure a European ETS system that actually works; one that keeps climate change in check whilst ensuring our industry's competitiveness and mitigating any potential negative social impact."




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