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S&Ds: We had promised to get rid of unfair trade practices in the food supply chain. We did it for the first time in the EU’s history!


Health & Consumers
Following the agreement hammered out between the European Parliament and the Council in the inter-institutional negotiations on the abolition of unfair trade practices in the food supply chain, the head of the Parliament’s negotiating team and S&D rapporteurs Paolo De Castro and Marc Tarabella, declared in a joint statement:
“We had promised to eradicate, once and for all, the most heinous unfair trading practices in the food supply chain by upscaling transparency and fair competitiveness. 
“We had promised to arm farmers’ and consumers’ hands against multinationals blackmail and bullying. 
“We had promised to ensure citizens’ health, defend the environment and to reduce food waste.
We did it!
“After more than 10 years in a legislative labyrinth made up of 20 different national legislations, finally the European Parliament, under the decisive push from the S&D Group, has reached an agreement with the Council at the end of the trilogue procedure.
“For the first time in Europe we will no longer tolerate unfair practices such as late payments or last-minute order cancellations for perishable products. The ‘magic’ price multiplications from field to fork are about to come to an end.
“We did it - and the reason why we did it is to live up to the justified expectations of our citizens and producers.
“As of now, Europe is a better place for all of us, consumers and farmers.”