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S&Ds want to protect workers’ health from diesel fumes


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Tomorrow, the Socialists and Democrats in the employment and social affairs committee will back a European Parliament proposal to protect workers against diesel fumes in the workplace. The new law will also set new limits for exposure to several substances that cause cancer and mutations (epichlorohydrin, ethylene dibromide, ethylene dichloride, 4,4-methylenedianiline, trichloroethylene).
S&D Group spokesperson on this issue, and vice-chair of the employment and social affairs committee, Marita Ulvskog, said:
“Over three million workers in the EU are potentially exposed to diesel fumes above background levels. We have known that being exposed to diesel exhaust can cause cancer for more than 6 years. Already in 2012, the WHO classified all Diesel fumes as carcinogens. We cannot afford to wait for a Commission proposal any longer. 
“The Socialists and Democrats have always been a leading force concerning the protection of people’s health in the workplace. It remains our top priority. Millions of workers are affected”.
S&D Group spokesperson on the employment and social affairs committee, Agnes Jongerius, added:
“Being subjected to diesel fumes in the workplace is not normal. It causes terrible diseases such as cancer. Nevertheless, every day thousands of people are exposed to diesel fumes, for example in garages, in ports or behind garbage trucks.
“Employees deserve decent working conditions and they must be able to enjoy their retirement in a healthy way. I am therefore pleased that the S&D demands that there be stricter controls when working with exhaust fumes.“