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S&Ds: voices of wisdom in Washington must prevail to avoid a trade war


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The S&D Group welcomes the measures the European Commission plans to take in case the United States formalise Donald Trump’s threats to impose heavy, global tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium. As we still hope that the voices of wisdom in Washington prevail and the trade war can be avoided; a united European Union has to be ready to act strongly to protect our workers and businesses, and defend international trade rules. 
S&D Group spokesperson for EU-USA trade relationships and chair of the European parliament’s trade committee, Bernd Lange, said:
“If Donald Trump follows through on his threats the EU will, and must, react proportionately but strongly. We call upon the voices of reason within the US administration, the US Congress and beyond to fight back against what could be the opening salvo of a global trade war in which everyone will lose.
“We share the view that overcapacities in steel and other sectors are very worrisome. But to tackle these, you cannot close your borders and ignore the root causes of the problem. International co-operation and co-ordinated action must be the answer.”
S&D Group spokesperson for trade, Alessia Mosca, added:
“We welcome the balanced measures discussed by the Commission. Without further escalating the trade war triggered by President Trump, they will send a clear message: everybody needs to play by the rules.
“While hoping for a change of direction by the US administration, the EU should promptly take action at the WTO. It has to be clear that global issues require global solutions. The unilateral measure taken by the US President is completely ineffective against Chinese dumping. Moreover, it will hurt the United States’ closer allies.
“We should now focus on providing safeguard measures to our workers and businesses to protect them from the threat of lower exports and increased imports as a result of trade diversion. We call on the Commission to closely monitor the sector that is already a victim of unfair practices.”


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