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S&Ds: Today the European Parliament sent a clear message to Netanyahu: respect human rights, don’t tear down Khan al-Ahmar


Justice & Home Affairs
oday, the plenary of the European Parliament approved an important resolution on the threat of the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar and other Bedouin villages. We are proud to have pushed the majority of this house to come together and stand firmly behind such a sensitive and important issue for the compliance of human rights and international law.
We strongly deplore the attitude of the EPP and ECR that in the very end decided to vote against the resolution, in the climate of an unprecedented pressure by pro-Israeli government lobby organisations. The fact that EPP did not support this humanitarian call shows that the moderate centre-right in Europe is moving towards dangerous positions on Israel and Palestine.  
S&D Group vice-president, Elena Valenciano said: 
“Today, the European Parliament sent a clear and loud message to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: don’t tear down the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, respect human rights; respect the international law.
“Our commitment stem from our firm attachment to human rights values and international law, and from our unwavering belief in the two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians as the only way to secure a future in justice, peace and freedom for both peoples.
“We believe Israel’s legitimate right to security, but we cannot remain silent to the implementation of nationalist and racist policies by its government. We cannot remain silent if Israeli authorities continue putting in place occupation, geographic fragmentation of the West Bank, segregation of its Arab citizens and the oppression of minorities, such as the Bedouin communities. Security needs cannot justify these violations of human rights and international law.”