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S&Ds: those responsible for the torture and brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi must face justice


Justice & Home Affairs
Following the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the European Parliament adopted today - at the initiative of the Socialists and Democrats - a strong resolution, in which it calls for an independent, international investigation into the circumstances of Khashoggi’s death, sanctions against all implicated in his savage murder and finally for an EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia.
Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly tortured, murdered and dismembered with a bone saw by agents close to the Saudi regime, in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. After weeks of denials of any involvement, and only because of huge international pressure, Saudi Arabia admitted Khashoggi died in the consulate, but claiming he died in a fight.
S&D vice-president responsible for foreign affairs Victor Boştinaru said:
“I am very glad that - despite some initial resistance from the EPP - the European Parliament managed to approve a really strong resolution.
“The killing of Jamal Kashoggi requires a collective response that goes beyond a short-lived international uproar. It is a crime committed in the consular premises against an opponent of the Saudi regime. All elements that have been so far revealed by the Turkish government and security sources indicates that it was most probably a planned, state-sponsored murder.
“The explanations given so far by Riyadh are insufficient and absolutely not credible - they are mostly a whitewash of an appalling and fragrant assassination, and an extraordinary violation of human rights as well as diplomatic and consular law. The investigation cannot be left to the Saudis alone. That is why the European Parliament calls for an independent international probe in order to ensure that all responsible individuals for this crime will be facing justice.
“Khashoggi’s case is just one in a long series of human rights violations and widespread crackdowns of an autocratic and discriminatory regime on prominent activists, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders. Therefore it is high time to reconsider the Western relations with the Kingdom. The European Parliament calls on the member states to reach a common position in order to impose an EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia.  It is time to live up to our commitments and guarantee that universal values and human rights are being uphold by all our partners.”