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S&Ds stand with protestors against Viktor Orbán's ‘slave law’


Justice & Home Affairs
S&D MEPs today stressed their support for the peaceful protests in Hungary. Fifteen thousand people demonstrated in Budapest over the weekend against new laws that would allow employers to force their staff to work up to 400 hours of overtime a year. Protestors also criticised attempts by the government to undermine the judiciary and the freedom of the press.
S&D Group president Udo Bullmann said:
“We applaud the brave men, women, and children who marched in Hungary in freezing temperatures to protest against the latest attack on democratic values by Viktor Orbán. Workers' rights, the freedom of press and an independent judiciary are incontestable in the European Union. Orbán's FIDESZ government must finally understand that, and act accordingly. The protestors have remained peaceful in the face of provocations and violence from armed security guards. We urge the Hungarian government to act, de-escalate the situation and respect the rule of law. Orbán must steer his country back onto a democratic path. We will follow the situation very closely!”


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