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S&Ds secure an energy efficiency target of 32.5% by 2030


S&Ds secure an energy efficiency target of 32.5% by 2030
The European Parliament's negotiators reached a final deal with the EU Council to ensure an ambitious target to increase energy efficiency in the EU. After lengthy negotiations, S&D MEPs secured a binding target of 32.5% improvement of energy efficiency by 2030.
S&D MEP Miroslav Poche, who is the author of the parliamentary report on the Energy Efficiency Directive, also succeeded in including measures to tackle energy poverty so that no one in the EU has to choose between eating or paying their electricity bills.
Miroslav Poche said:
“I welcome the deal negotiated yesterday evening with the Bulgarian presidency. Increased energy efficiency really is a win-win policy for all Europeans. It is a good deal for our citizens, as it will bring about major reductions in energy consumption, thus reducing bills and improving health and wellbeing, and in helping fighting energy poverty. And, it is also great news for the competitiveness of European industry, reducing costs and stimulating additional investment, growth and employment; particularly in the construction sector.
“Finally it is even better news for our planet, given that energy efficiency is a key element of our climate policy and this Directive will play a crucial role in meeting our obligations stemming from the Paris climate change agreement.”
Jytte Guteland MEP, who is the S&D negotiator in the environment committee, said:
"Energy must be affordable for all. Between 50 and 125 million people in Europe today are at risk of energy poverty: reducing our energy waste is the first step to bring prices down for consumers.
"This is the best deal we could achieve on article 7, by which EU member states will be required to prolong their energy efficiency schemes. They will also have to increase the level of savings required by more than 10% compared to the status quo** and substantially increase the level of savings required of energy companies. It will be both beneficial for the overall energy bill and for households.
"Establishing a progressive energy efficient policy in the EU a crucial step for a sustainable economic model, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and with consideration to our UN Climate Change commitments."
**(from real savings rate of 0.71% to 0.8% is a saving of 13%).


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