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S&Ds: Orbán is guilty on many counts of attacking democracy, so why are there no consequences?


14 Sep 2022


Justice & Home Affairs

In a European parliamentary debate on Hungary’s democratic demise, S&D MEPs criticised the European Commission and the Council for its inaction against Viktor Orbán’s government.

S&D MEPs will fully support tomorrow’s vote on a report that lists the Orbán government’s worsening record on the rule of law. Among the issues under the spotlight are: the lack of judicial independence in Hungary; the government’s use of “pervasive” election campaigns that led to unfair elections earlier this year; an unfair playing field for the media as a result of pro-government outlets receiving the majority of state funding; discrimination against vulnerable communities like LGBTQI people; and, most recently, the prime minister’s unacceptable racist rant about not wanting to become “peoples of mixed race”.

The Socialists and Democrats are urging the Commission and the Council to use all the instruments and tools at their disposal to defend the EU’s democratic values and stand up for the rights of Hungarian citizens that need our support.

Bettina Vollath MEP, S&D negotiator on the report on Hungary’s breach of EU values:

“In the democratic demise of Hungary, Viktor Orbán is guilty on so many counts. Yet time and time again, despite repeat offences, there are no consequences from the EU. As the EU’s longest-serving leader, he seems to be untouchable in the Council and the Commission.

“Orbán repeatedly breaches EU law and dismisses EU values, yet the Council fails to move ahead in the Article 7 procedure or come up with concrete recommendations that could help stop the rule of law from deteriorating further. The Fidesz government has an atrocious past record of corruption and misuse of EU funds, yet there are rumours the Commission is preparing to approve a Hungarian COVID Recovery Plan that would fill the pockets of Orbán Inc.

“If the other institutions want to appease Viktor Orbán they have to recognise that this is a slap in the face for EU values and admit they are complicit in undermining democracy.”




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