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S&Ds: The newly approved regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products is a key step forward for organic farming and for all consumers


Agriculture & Food
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Following the approval, by a significant majority, of the new regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products today in the Plenary, the S&D Group underlines how we would have liked to have gone further with this new regulation but, nevertheless, we recognise the very substantial progress made for organic farming and for the consumer.
S&D agriculture co-ordinator, Eric Andrieu, said:
“It could have been better, but yet sometimes better is the enemy of the good; thanks to the approval today, by a vast majority in Plenary, the new regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products marks an important step forward in the right direction for organic farming and for the consumer. This will apply by 2021.
“The fight against fraud on imported organic products, which account for 30% of our consumption, has been strengthened. European producers will finally be placed on an equal footing with other producers in third countries.
“What is more, this regulation now allows the sale of seeds, which could not previously be sold legally, and opens the door to heterogeneous material and varieties adapted to the needs of organic farming. This will now give farmers much more choice of varieties than the major seed companies have been providing so far.  Today, three major groups own more than 53% of the world seed market, which is totally unacceptable! It is urgent to rebalance the food chain and stop rolling out the red carpet to agrochemical oligopolies.
“The introduction of specific precautionary measures to avoid pesticide contamination of organic products is also a significant step forward.
“It could have been better. Sure, but by supporting this text, we have rejected the current situation, where a regulation full of loopholes and derogations undermines the credibility of the European organic label.
“This is not the finishing line. We will keep on fighting to support farmers in this essential transition towards a sustainable model that respects human health and the environment. This is what our citizens are calling for.”


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