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S&Ds: member states and EU Commission called to develop long-term rural strategies to promote generational renewal


19 Oct 2023


Global Europe
The European Parliament has just adopted a resolution on the generational renewal of future EU farms, broadly perceived as one of the biggest challenges of European agriculture. The S&D Group welcomes the overwhelming vote in favour of supporting young farmers and the recognition of young farmers’ absolute relevance in combating climate change, biodiversity loss, depopulation and threats to food security.
European Parliament rapporteur and S&D member, Isabel Carvalhais, said:
“This resolution can mark a crucial starting point for tomorrow’s generation of EU farmers. We have been fighting hard to make clear that European farmers must be beneficiaries of positive and effective action. Action to create fair income and adequate living conditions in rural areas for farmers and their families. Action that realises young farmers will be the worst affected by climate change and loss of biodiversity and, therefore, those who will need the strongest support in increasing their resilience.
“We urge member states to develop coherent and long-term rural strategies to promote generational change, and we call on the Commission to evaluate all possible action at an EU level to improve access to farmland and land market transparency, including the development of a farmland observatory.
“As we have already demonstrated in recent years, we - Socialists and Democrats, in the European Parliament - will keep fighting for all these men and women who keep believing in their future and in their kids’ futures as farmers.”