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S&Ds: high time to stop the violation of the rights of indigenous peoples around the world


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Today the European Parliament voted with a huge majority its first ever report devoted to indigenous peoples. Although its population is estimated to be over 370 million people in over 70 countries worldwide, their rights to land, territories and resources are too often violated, especially in the context of globalisation. The S&Ds call on the EU to promote the rights of indigenous peoples in the dialogue with all third countries, including in trade and cooperation agreements.  
S&D MEP and the EP rapporteur, Francisco Assis, said:
“Indigenous peoples have been invisible for too long. Indigenous peoples and local rural communities are among those who suffer the most with the downsides of globalisation. They are particularly vulnerable to land grabbing, extractive industries, deforestation and climate change. State and non-state actors systematically violate their collective and individual rights in various regions of the world, including the murders of their representatives and defenders.
“S&Ds advocate for globalisation, but for the benefit of all, that is respectful of the rights of indigenous peoples, rural communities, their traditional territories and ways of life. To that end, the EU and its member states must renew their commitment to their extraterritorial obligations and must create conditions for the consultation and participation of indigenous peoples on issues that could affect them.
“Among others, we propose an EU grievance mechanism to guarantee indigenous peoples' access to justice, a standing rapporteur at the relevant European Parliament committee for better assessment of their situation, and the strengthening of long-term protection mechanisms to support those who stand for indigenous, land and environmental rights.


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