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S&Ds: Gender apartheid in Afghanistan must end


07 Apr 2022


Global Europe

Europe must not forget Afghanistan when the world’s attention is inevitably focused on the war against Ukraine. Today’s resolution on the situation of women’s rights in Afghanistan adopted by the European Parliament is a clear call on the Taliban to let Afghan girls have access to education and to put an end to the brutal oppression of women. The Ministry of Vice and Virtue reinstated by the Taliban has no place in today’s world, underline the Socialists and Democrats.

During the negotiations on the resolution, the S&Ds were striving to make sure that it would unequivocally repudiate the Taliban’s treatment of women. Therefore, we insisted on including the call to guarantee all women and girls full access to reproductive healthcare. Another key point was to include the call for the EU to protect other vulnerable groups; in particular LGBTQI+ persons and refugees from Afghanistan. The attempts of the reactionary forces - the EPP, ECR and ID - to erase these crucial points were successfully averted.

Maria Arena, S&D negotiator on the resolution on the situation of women’s rights in Afghanistan, said:

“Gender apartheid in Afghanistan must end. By imposing medieval restrictions on women and girls, denying secondary education to over one million girls, as well as preventing women’s rights to work and healthcare, the Taliban’s brutal regime is making Afghanistan the most dangerous country for women. The EU should not rest until all Afghan girls return to school and Afghan women are able to thrive again as ministers, judges, lawyers and ambassadors.

“We must keep an eye on Afghanistan in the constant conundrum of various crises. It is our responsibility and duty towards its people, also considering the EU’s huge investments in the country over the past two decades. We must find a way to help the Afghans without legitimising the Taliban regime.”



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