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S&Ds: F-gases seriously compromise our fight against climate change and must be phased out


30 Mar 2023



The European Parliament is set to approve an important regulation of the Fit for 55 package, aiming to limit the use of fluorinated gases (F-gases) in the European Union.

F-gases can be found, for example, in air conditioning systems, heat pumps, switchgears or asthma sprays. However, they have a particularly high greenhouse gas potential, as these gases are up to 25,000 times more damaging for the climate than CO2.

Thanks to the S&Ds’ push, according to the new regulation, F-gases will have to be phased out by 2050 at the latest. We have also limited the use of PFAS chemicals. These ‘forever chemicals’ are widely used in the production of daily products, pollute the soil and water, and cause severe health problems. What’s more, we successfully included the training of workers, as well as provisions against illegal trade, with clear rules established for online marketplaces.

Günther Sidl, S&D negotiator on F-gases, said:

“With this new regulation on F-gases, we will step up the ambition, as alternatives to F-gases and PFAS are already possible in many sectors. F-gases and forever chemicals have disastrous impacts on the climate and on our health, hence we need to phase them out rapidly. Environment-friendly alternatives already exist; it is now time to implement them.

“Heat pumps are important allies for the green transition. However, they cannot fulfil their mission as long as they emit climate-damaging pollutants. Innovative European companies are already leading on the decarbonisation of heat pumps. With this regulation we support the frontrunners and ensure that the right pathway is taken in this green transition.”


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