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S&Ds: European Year of Youth 2022 should put an end to unpaid traineeships


16 Dec 2021


Social Europe & Jobs

The Socialists and Democrats call on the European Commission and the member states to finally remove the existing obstacle to automatic mutual recognition of learning periods within the European Union. For the S&Ds, this is the only way to a real European Education Area where young people are granted every opportunity to move freely and enrich their knowledge and experience.

Petra Kammerevert MEP, S&D spokesperson in the European Parliament’s committee on culture and education and negotiator on the matter of the European Year of Youth 2022, said:

“It is high time we put an end to unpaid traineeships. We, the Socialists and Democrats, believe all work activity has to be remunerated, and we ask for an effective ban of unpaid traineeships throughout the European Union. What better occasion than the European Year of Youth 2022 to make this a reality?

“Next year should not be just another one in the calendar of this decade. It should leave a tangible legacy and not just words. This is crucial in order to make young people truly believe that the European Union indeed works to their benefit. This is why we have to include the long-awaited automatic mutual recognition of learning periods within the EU. This will further encourage student exchange and further strengthen some of the greatest success stories of the European integration - the ability for young people to travel, make new acquaintances, enlarge their horizon and enrich their knowledge.

“Non-formal and informal education has proven throughout the year to be key for the personal and professional development of young people. Therefore, we, the Socialists and Democrats, are convinced we have to strengthen the relevant provisions in the EU legislation concerning this type of education.

“The participation of young people in the debate on what Europe we want to live in is crucial for the credibility of the European project. This is why our political group finds it particularly important to encourage young people to have their say during the Conference on the Future of Europe.”


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