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S&Ds: EU farmers are essential to ensure a quality and sustainable transition towards food security


14 Jun 2023


Agriculture & Food

The European Parliament has today given its green light to the important report on ‘Ensuring food security and the long-term resilience of EU agriculture’ that outlines the possible solutions to the many and complex challenges the whole European agricultural sector needed, and will need, to face. Keeping the Green Deal as our lighthouse, food security today means greater EU production autonomy and increased support for all our farmers that everyday ensure us healthy, sustainable and affordable food.

S&D rapporteur and member of the agriculture committee, Camilla Laureti, commented:

“Climate change, the Covid crisis, the war against Ukraine: many challenges have been shaking the EU and the European agricultural sector in recent years. Suddenly, we have all realised how important both food security and food autonomy are. Only the European Union can, and must, continue to play the key role in guaranteeing our food security.

“This cannot be done without our farmers, or even worse against them, who are guardians not only of our territory, but also of our health.

This report aims at underlying the indissoluble link between agriculture and the environment, but also the need to accompany the ecological transition by investing in the talents of young people, women, technological innovation and short supply chains.

“We must fight to reverse the decrease of pollinators and the loss of biodiversity, which are the real treasure we have, and we need to fight even stronger against speculation and food waste.

“This report represents a starting point but there is still a long way to go. If we want to secure our food, and with it the planet, each of us must do our part.”