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S&Ds: EU authorisation system for pesticides still undermined by loopholes. It must be more transparent and independent to ensure citizens’ health and food security


Climate & Environment
The authorisation system of pesticide in the EU must be more transparent, better financed and fully independent from industries’ interests, highlights the S&D Group today in the final Pest Report voted today by an overwhelming majority. 
S&D Shadow rapporteur on the Report, Simona Bonafé, said:
“Thanks to the Report we voted today, the European Parliament has finally placed spotlight on the shortcomings of the current European system. Our Group has always been advocating for citizens’ health, environment and food safety. Through this report today, we have responded to the millions of citizens who in recent years have showed lack of trust in the EU system. The allocation of sufficient financial resources, an appropriate expertise for the approval process, independence from lobbies and the absence of conflicts of interest in the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) scientific panels are essential points on which we have strongly fought and we will keep on fighting for a better implementation.”
S&D pesticide coordinator, Pavel Poc, stated:
"The Report voted today in the pesticide committee shows that the goals of the current Regulation are not being achieved in practice.
"What is more, various issues are not even covered by the current legislation, which means that the people´s health is at risk. Citizens demand that our authorisation system works properly and to provide them with more information about the chemicals we are all exposed to. As their representatives, it is our obligation to respond to their calls and fix loopholes in our legislation. The S&D group was at the forefront of this crucial battle and we will make sure the European legislation will be updated to our citizens’ expectations.”


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