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The S&Ds demand immediate ceasefire throughout Syria


Med & South
As unspeakable horrors continue to take place in Eastern Ghouta and other parts of Syria, the S&D Group has pushed the European Parliament to hold a new debate on Syria. In the resolution that will be adopted on Thursday the S&Ds demand that the Assad regime and its allies stop shelling civilians.  A ceasefire must be immediately implemented throughout the country that has been plagued in the civil war already for seven years. The S&Ds also call for the EU member states and the international community to step up their contributions to refugee hosting countries.
Speaking on behalf of the S&D Group, vice-president on foreign affairs, Victor Boştinaru, said:
“All our efforts to implement a ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta are failing, one after the other! Assad’s regime, under the complaisant eyes of its allies, Russia and Iran, is continuing with full impunity, the bombing of villages, civilians, hospitals and ambulances - as well as dropping chemical weapons. It is unbearable to stand by in front of such human suffering! 
“We cannot stand by and watch the Butcher of Damascus exterminate his own people, and getting rid of all opposition, while Russia is continuing to undermine the United Nations (UN) credibility and mocking the international community!
“Moreover, as the Syrian regime troops advance towards Idlib, it is important to avoid another violent attack and humanitarian catastrophe. 
“There is no peace process without a ceasefire - there is no inclusive solution for the future of Syria if the opposition is wiped out by Assad and by Turkey in Afrin! The UN-led process is the only way forward for Syria. In the meantime, we have to make sure the ceasefire is implemented and that all evidence and testimony of human crime in Syria is preserved in order to ensure that universal international justice will prevail. 
“Finally, we should acknowledge the extraordinary solidarity demonstrated by the neighbouring countries towards refugees. In this light, I would like to welcome the next Brussels II Conference and ask the EU member states and international community to step up the financial support while channelling further support towards the refugee hosting countries.”


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