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S&Ds deeply regret President Trump’s decision to step back from the commitment to UN global compact on migration


05 Dec 2017


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Brussels, 5 December 2017

On 3 December, the Trump administration notified the United Nations that the United States will no longer take part in the negotiations for a global compact on migration, claiming that such a compact would undermine its national sovereignty. This follows the US decision to quit UNESCO last month and to pull out of the Paris climate change mitigation accord this summer.

S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano MEP stated:
“We are deeply disappointed by the decision taken by the Trump administration to pull out of the United Nations plan to create a more humane global strategy on migration. The United States used to be a staunch advocate of multilateralism and international co-operation; now this important country turns towards dangerous isolationism for internal populist purposes. The movement of migrants is a global phenomenon that requires concerted international solutions. No country can deal with this challenge alone and the US is not an exception. We urge the EU to take the lead in the UN negotiations for effective global compacts on migration and refugees, that should be adopted in 2018. This is the only realistic way forward.”

 S&D vice-president Jeppe Kofod MEP, responsible for globalisation, added:
“The Trump administration seems to be labouring under the delusion that the US can stay immune from the effects of globalisation by closing itself off from the outside world. At the beginning of 2018, the S&D Group will organise a meeting of progressives worldwide to support the UN compact and continue advocating for international responsibility and solidarity on these issues. The European Union should from now on shape the new rule-based order.”




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