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S&Ds: The Circular Economy Package II is a step in the right direction, but postponing rules on greenwashing is a missed opportunity


30 Nov 2022


Euro & Finance

Following today’s presentation of the Circular Economy Package II, the Socialists and Democrats welcome this important step in the right direction for implementing the objectives of the Green Deal. The Progressives in the European Parliament regret, however, the Commission’s decision to postpone the regulation on substantiating environmental claims using the Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint methods, the so-called ‘Green Claims’ proposal, which was intended to fight corporate greenwashing.

S&D coordinator in the environment committee, Tiemo Wölken, commented:

“With the Circular Economy Package II, the EU is showing once again its commitment to making Europe a frontrunner in transitioning to a more circular economy. The proposals on the table will not only contribute to reducing the amount of waste globally, but also stimulate new business opportunities. The global consumption of materials is expected to double in the next forty years, and the amount of waste created yearly will likely increase to 70% by 2050. The key is prevention, both in product policy and waste policy. To achieve the objectives of the Green Deal, we therefore need to reduce the generation of packaging waste in the first place and promote reuse and recyclability of packaging, minimise its complexity, increase its recycled content, and phase out the use of harmful substances.

“However, we deeply regret the postponement of the adoption of the ‘Green Claims’ proposal, which is a missed opportunity to empower consumers. The S&D will continue to fight for the consumers’ right to accurate information about the environmental and climate footprint of the products and services they use. For the S&D, it is clear that the fight against corporate greenwashing online and offline has to take centre-stage if we want the Green Deal to succeed. This is why we are calling on the Commission to publish an ambitious ‘Green Claims’ proposal as soon as possible. It is a measure we cannot afford to postpone.

“As Progressives, we will do our part, and are committed to a swift but thorough legislative process with ambitious targets and rules, in particular regarding the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive review.”


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