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S&Ds call on member states: Stop blocking on social security coordination for our citizens - now is the time to act!


Social Europe & Jobs
Tomorrow, Friday, is the last chance for member states to support the outcome of the negotiations on an update of social security coordination rules including unemployment benefits, long-term care and family benefits as well as better rules for posting and applicable legislation. The agreement was set between the European Parliament and Council last week - but now a group of member states are trying to block the next steps to finalise the outcome.
Guillaume Balas, S&D negotiator for the European Parliament, said:
“Member states must stop behaving like capricious children: they must assume their responsibilities towards the 500 million European citizens. They should stop blocking social security coordination for European citizens and workers. We Socialists and Democrats are ready, as are the other members in the European Parliament, to proceed next Tuesday in the employment committee and in April in the plenary. In times of increased labour mobility, protecting social rights is of utmost importance. Now is the time to act.”