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S&Ds call for immediate implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights


13 Dec 2017


Social Europe & Jobs

Strasbourg, 13 December 2017

In the aftermath of the Social Summit which took place in Gothenburg on November 17, where EU leaders endorsed the Proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the European Parliament asked the European Commission and Council to participate in a plenary debate in order to explain how they will proceed with the implementation of the Social Pillar.

The Socialists and Democrats have for many years campaigned for a Social Pillar and put pressure on the Juncker Commission to build a fairer Europe and strengthen the social dimension of the European Union. S&D Euro MPs welcomed the declaration in Gothenburg, but insist that the Commission and EU leaders now follow-up on their commitment and deliver concrete solutions for their citizens.

S&D Group vice-president and European Parliament’s rapporteur on the European Pillar of Social Rights, Maria João Rodrigues MEP, said:

“To deliver on the promises made, we call for a Social Action Plan, outlining clear measures and tools for each of the Pillar’s twenty principles. To combat precarious work, the Social Action Plan must include a full revision of the Written Statement Directive and updated social legislation. All workers, no matter what type of job they have, should be guaranteed two basic rights: a clear and decent labour contract and full access to social protection through their life.

“We need new legislation in order to enforce more ambitious social and labour standards. But it is not enough: we must continue the efforts to redirect economic policies towards more investment and job creation, backed by proper financial means. This is why we need to use the Social Pillar to make the European Semester a process to upward social and economic convergence to be supported by stronger financial instruments in the public budget at national, European and Eurozone levels.”

Agnes Jongerius MEP, S&D spokesperson on employment, added:

“The proclamation of the Social Pillar must be the beginning of better protection for working people who suffer from the ongoing race-to-the-bottom between European countries trying to attract multinationals by cutting taxes and reducing the protection of workers. The EU is still working too much in favour of the economy instead of working for the people. This has to change. The Social Pillar must now be translated into concrete measures to make it work and deliver for citizens.

“The most striking gap in the Pillar is the lack of a Child Guarantee, which would help protect millions of children living in poverty. We will continue to push for our proposal of a Child Guarantee to ensure that all children in Europe have the right to free quality education, childcare and health care, as well as good food and housing.

“We will continue to fight until all European citizens have good working conditions and a decent wage. I will hold Juncker to his promise to make Europe a good place for all workers.”




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