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S&Ds call for full investigation into forced organ harvesting in China


05 May 2022


Global Europe

Reported systematic forced organ harvesting in China is a serious human rights violation that requires a full, independent and transparent investigation, underlined the S&Ds in regard to today’s adoption of the European Parliament resolution on this matter.

Maria Arena, the S&D negotiator on the resolution on the reports of continued organ harvesting in China, said:

“Each year, 10,000 illicit human organ transplants are performed worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, this generates more than one billion euros in profits per year. Reports indicate that forced organ harvesting in China may amount to crimes against humanity.

“Beijing must immediately stop this abominable and unlawful practice, committed mainly against the detained Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese authorities must also comply with the organ procurement requirements and its human rights commitments, as well as allow international experts to conduct independent monitoring.

“As this is the third European Parliament call to stop this egregious human rights violation in China over the past decade, it is time for the European Union to publicly condemn it and act to prevent transplant tourism by Europeans.”