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S&Ds call on Djiboutian authorities to ensure fair elections, respect of human rights and women's dignity


12 May 2016


Global Europe
Justice & Home Affairs

Following today's adoption by the European Parliament of a resolution on the situation in Djibouti, S&D MEP and vice-president for foreign affairs Victor Boştinaru said:
"Once again we underline the importance of fair elections in Djibouti, free from intimidation and in full respect of human rights and public freedoms for all citizens. We express serious concerns regarding the changes to the Djiboutian constitution.
"We denounce with force the imprisonment and harassment of the opposition leaders during the April 2016 election campaign and we urge the Djiboutian authorities to respect the freedom of expression and leave journalists to do their job without threats and intimidations. Any military interference in democratic processes is totally inacceptable."
S&D MEP Maria Arena added:
"For almost 25 years, women have been taken hostage in a conflict between the Djiboutian army and the FRUD (Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy). More than 200 female victims of rapes have been identified in the North and South-West regions. The EU has to support those women and call on the Djiboutian government to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Through this resolution, the European Parliament calls for an international inquiry in order to highlight the rape of Djiboutian women and to fight against impunity for the perpetrators."