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S&Ds call on Commission and member states to show they are serious about protecting victims of violence


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Speaking after a debate and vote on the implementation report on the European Protection Order, Soraya Post, MEP and S&D spokesperson on human rights said:
“It is shameful that although tens of thousands of people need national protection from violence, the European Protection Order has so far only been used seven times. Clearly, neither the Commission, nor the member states, have taken their responsibility seriously. Seven years after the European Protection Order was set up, neither public servants, victims’ organisations, nor the victims themselves, know that they can take their existing national protection order with them when travelling or moving abroad.
“We call on the Commission and member states to make sure that victims and professionals with contacts to victims know about the European Protection Order and how it works. This directive has to be fully implemented in the member states, and gender based violence has to be a priority in the EU Agenda on Security. Everybody has a right to live free from violence and fear.”
Iratxe García Pérez MEP, S&D Group spokeswoman on women's rights and gender equality, said:
“Today in Europe one in three women has experienced violence. The least we can do is to ensure that victims of violence are protected, at home and when travelling abroad. The Commission and member states clearly have to step up their efforts and show that they are serious about saving lives.”
Note to the editor:
Directive 2011/99/EU on the European Protection Order establishes a mechanism for the mutual recognition of protection measures for victims of crime. The directive came into force on January 2011 and EU member states, except for Denmark and Ireland, had to implement the directive by January 2015. The directive included a review clause that states that by 11 January 2016 the Commission shall submit a report to the European Parliament and to the Council on the application of the directive. For the time being, the Commission has submitted no report.