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S&D Times - The highlights of this week and what is coming up


01 Dec 2017


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Past activities
This past week our Group has focused on the fight against the use of glyphosate, the AU-EU Summitenergy efficiencysecurity and fighting against VAT fraud

Upcoming activities

Next week we are planning a series of activities aimed to tackle two of Europe’s hottest issues - integration of refugees and the challenges of having secure work in the XXIst century. 

In committees, this Monday S&D MEPs Mady Delvaux and Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar will lead the vote in Economic and Monetary affairs and Civil Liberties committees on cash control, in order to tackle money laundering and financing of illegal activities, such as terrorism. 

Also on Monday, Sergio Gutierrez Prieto MEP, who is the European Parliament’s spokesperson on the services package, will be our voice in the vote in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee.

We will also be addressing many topics for the important upcoming Plenary Session in Strasbourg - the last one of this year. 

People are and always be at the core of our fight in the European Parliament. This is why next week’s events are aimed to improve the way we reach out to the people who have put their faith in us. 

To that end, Wednesday, December 6th our Group is hosting a series of events aimed to promote more inclusive, integrated societies. 

“Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice” is the credo behind our event A Society for All: recent refugee-related policy developments. It is scheduled to take place from 15.00 to 16.00 in the European Parliament. Guest speakers include our own Vice-President Tanja Fajon, as well as Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, Dean of the School of Education at the Lebanese International University, Dr. Fadi Al Halabi, Director of the Multi Aid Programs - MAPs, Mohammed Al Masri, Education Program Manager and Julie Bodson, Advocacy coordinator, DUO for a JOB, at Intergenerational Coaching, Belgium. 

On the same day we will be addressing the same topic during an S&D hearing on Refugee Sponsorship. The event will take place from 16.00 to 18.00 in the European Parliament and will feature our MEPs Birgit SippelTanja Fajon and Peter Niedermuller

Using street art to build inclusive societies is a progressive idea sponsored by our Group. Speaking on it, on December 6th will be our MEPs Julie Ward and Damian Draghici, in an event aimed to shed light on how contemporary art manifestations can be included in the development of our cities, countries and of our Union. 

On December 7th we are also hosting a joint S&D Employment Committee/Digital Europe Working Group on the Challenges to working conditions and social security in the digital age. Join our MEPs Agnes Jongerius and Josef Wiedenholzer in a debate that is sure to be of interest.


Find out more and register here for the upcoming S&D events




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