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S&D President Iratxe García in Senegal to support gender equality, fight against climate change and strengthen cooperation on migration


18 Dec 2023


Global Europe

Combatting climate change and poverty; fighting for gender equality, rule of law and democracy; as well as a humane and pragmatic approach for migration – these are some of the key issues that S&D President Iratxe García will address during her mission to Senegal, which starts on Monday 18. In a packed three-day agenda, the S&D delegation, which includes Gaby Bischoff – responsible for home affairs and migration – as well as vice-president Mohammed Chahim – responsible for the Green Deal – will take part in various institutional meetings. This will include ministerial and civil society meetings and visits to projects that involve working with young people and women on climate change and migration, such as NEBEDAYE climate change project in Joal and the BAOS/AECID migrant services project at the airport.  As part of the programme, the delegation will also discuss and meet with the Spanish Guardia Civil located in Dakar within the framework of the 2006 cooperation agreement with Spain, aimed at combatting irregular departures and managing migration.

S&D Group leader, Iratxe García Pérez, stated:

“This journey is part of the broader framework of the longstanding attention that the Group of Socialists and Democrats has been dedicating to Africa for years. Senegal is a fundamental partner in the region and a reference point for its political and democratic stability, as well as for its significant achievements in economic and social terms – key factors contributing to addressing the root causes of migratory flows. We expect that the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for February will take place in a democratic framework, confirming absolute respect for the rule of law. 

“On a social level, the Senegalese government is undertaking significant efforts to ensure that reforms promoting gender equality and women's rights are incorporated and concretely applied in civil society.

“Common global challenges, such as climate change, are also having profound repercussions in Senegal, particularly in the agricultural and fishing sectors. A joint EU-Senegal commitment is therefore essential in this regard. Last but not least, on migration we will study first-hand the close collaboration that Senegal has with Spain on the common effort to manage the migratory flows and make a visit to the operations of the Spanish Guardia Civil.”

Vice-president responsible for the Green Deal, Mohammed Chahim, stated:

“This year, Senegal has launched a Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with the European Union and international partners. In line with the pledge to triple the deployment of renewables at COP28, more of these JETP are needed. We are enthusiastic about Senegal’s strong determination to strengthen the deployment of renewable energy and to reduce emissions. 

“We are looking forward to having a closer look at their energy transition, and to see how this partnership can enable sustainable development.”

S&D vice-president for Home affairs and Migration, Gaby Bischoff, added:

“Senegal, as both a country of origin and transit, is also a key country of cooperation for the EU on migration. We look forward to taking a closer look at how this cooperation works on the ground, in the fight against migrant trafficking, on legal pathways to the EU as well as on projects to create opportunities for people to stay and work in Senegal.”


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