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S&D Group on Sunday Europe March in Brussels: “Let´s relaunch #EuropeTogether with the citizens”


Social Europe & Jobs
Ahead of the 61st anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the Citizens´ Convention launched this Sunday in Brussels, the S&D Group engages all citizens - young and old, committed or critical - to join and discuss together the direction we want to take for Europe in the future.
Newly-elected S&D Group President, Udo Bullmann, said:
“Whether it is passing borders, trading in the Single Market, calling across countries or paying the monthly bills - the EU daily affects citizens’ lives. Yet, many people feel that the EU does not belong to them or does not sufficiently deliver their needs.
“It is time to reconnect Europe with the citizens. To let citizens have their say in Europe, and to ensure that fundamental needs are served.
“As S&D Group we are strongly committed to engaging with citizens and have launched our #EuropeTogether initiative already two years ago. All across Europe we engage with people in our Together events, on our Together platform and with our Together Statements on various political issues. The feedback we get is impressive. Young Europeans want to become Together Ambassadors, want to speak up and have their say.
“The Citizens Consultations are a great next step in this engagement journey. It is important that these new forms of engagement are undertaken by all EU institutions, including the EU Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council. Yet we may not only speak about the EU as such. We must address the political dimension too. Which Europe do we want? What should Europe deliver upon?
“For us it is clear: We must do more to deliver on a social Europe. A progressive one that fights inequalities, promotes growth and investment, gets young people back into jobs and meets the digital challenges of tomorrow”.
S&D Vice President Maria João Rodrigues added:
“This Sunday is an important moment and we as S&D Group are looking forward to taking part in the gathering in Brussels. It is the start of many more events to come and with our S&D members from 28 countries, will make sure to join these dialogues all across Europe.
“The EP elections in 2019 are the moment when people can decide which Europe they want. It is our duty to ensure that citizens have a real say in these elections and can see the differences between the political programmes offered. The presence of the different political groups and parties in these gatherings is fundamental.
“As a truly pro-European group, we are committed to improving the lives of the citizens so that Europe works for the many and not the few. Let´s do this #EuropeTogether!”. 
Note to the editors:
A pro-Europe citizens gathering will take place this Sunday, 25 March 2018 at 14h at Place du Luxembourg.
The #EuropeTogether initiative aims at bringing European politics closer to citizens. The campaign brings together politicians, academics, civil society and citizens to debate and come up with new proposals for the future of Europe. On 12 April 2018, the next Together event will take place in Hamburg, focusing on the topic of ‘Managing Migration & Supporting Refugees in a Globalised World’. The full programme can be downloaded here.
You can follow the debates on Twitter using #EuropeTogether or on the dedicated #EuropeTogether platform.


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