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S&D Conference: The Creative Europe Programme and its Implementation


20 Oct 2016



At yesterday’s conference on Creative Europe, Petra Kammerevert MEP, S&D Group’s co-ordinator in the culture and education committee, said:
"Our conference brought together European Commission representatives, stakeholders in the cultural and media sectors, and experts with extensive experience of the programme, in order to prepare the implementation report on Creative Europe which will be adopted by the culture and education committee in January 2017.

Silvia Costa MEP, chair of the Parliament's culture and education committee and rapporteur for the implementation report on Creative Europe, said:
"The Creative Europe programme has confirmed its extraordinary success with more than 15.000 projects asking for European funds.
"Unfortunately the resources available are not sufficient to cover all the projects, and our group is asking for more funds that would be beneficial to enhance the EU's cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthen this sector as well as to support creative and cultural industries.
"The objectives we have set for the future are primarily focused on continuing Creative Europe after 2020 by maintaining the structure of a single programme with two distinct sub-programmes and a strengthened cross-sectoral strand, through three new lines: Creative Europe Mundus, social inclusion and innovative cross-sectoral and crossover projects. We should tackle the economic, employment and innovation challenges the creative sectors are facing and promote the value of intellectual property rights in a digital world. We should also build on the experience of the new loan guarantee instrument on credit providing € 121 million for the next six years. 

Petra Kammerevert MEP added:
"We listen to the voices of the artists, creators and producers and our main objective is to continue supporting and fostering a programme in which all creative sectors have a voice and from which they all benefit. The potential of creative sectors in the European economy and labour market should be strongly valued and recognised."


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