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Saving money on interpretation in the European Parliament. Esther de Lange MEP


18 Jun 2013


Public Affairs

The interpretation services in the European Parliament should be more cost effective. The Parliament could save millions of euros by using 'interpretation on demand' more often. Dutch MEP Esther de Lange proposed this in a report adopted today in the Budgetary Control Committee.

"Unnecessary use of interpretation services should be avoided, so as to maintain the high quality of Parliament's linguistic services. This is indispensable to fully guarantee the right of Members to express themselves in the language of their choice," she said.

A considerable amount of money is lost due to late cancellations of meetings. In 2012, 14.7% of meetings were cancelled late, an increase on the 10.8% the previous year. If the interpreters booked could not be redeployed, this cost 5.5 million euro. A more careful planning is needed.

The Parliament now spends around 55 million euro per year on translators for 23 languages. However, some languages are seldom spoken. It would be more efficient if translation was offered only when MEPs make a request for this language.

The European Union is the only entity in the world using 23 official languages, soon to be 24. In 2011, 5263 sessions took place requiring approximately 100 000 interpreter days, of which 47.74% were hired externally and 52.26% were staff interpreters.

Draft Report

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