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SAF Coalition wins AIN sustainability award


07 Jan 2021


Sustainable Dev.

EBAA, alongside its other partners in the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Coalition, is proud to receive the 2020 Top Flight Award for Sustainability. The awards are designed to recognise the best and the brightest in business aviation and honor creativity and innovation in design and technology as well as quality and passion in business aviation services and people.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is seen as a critical component in reducing Business aviation’s carbon emissions. The Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel was formed to encourage the use of SAF by increasing the awareness of its safety and availability. Key members include the Canadian Business Aviation Association, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, European Business Aviation Association, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, International Business Aviation Council, National Air Transportation Association, and National Business Aviation Association.

The coalition’s recently released guide, “Fueling the Future,” details how SAF can be introduced into operations, and in September the coalition hosted the first Sustainable Business Aviation Fuels Summit, a two-day online event that brought together operators, legislators, regulators, fuel suppliers, and others to discuss how to increase SAF acceptance, demand, and supply. The coalition is a key promoter of “book-and-claim,” whereby an operator can purchase SAF in an area where it is not yet available but still receive environmental benefits while actual fuel is dispensed where it is available.

“As a founding member of the coalition, EBAA is grateful the work towards promoting SAF is being highlighted. We will continue to strive for better production and deployment of SAF to aid us on our industry's path towards carbon neutrality”. Athar Husain Khan, EBAA Secretary-General

Working with the coalition, key players in business aviation and aviation fuels also have launched programs to encourage SAF usage. Signature has purchased 5 million gallons from SAF producer Neste to establish permanent supplies of the alternative fuel at its FBOs at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and London Luton Airport. This SAF purchase is the largest by an FBO to date. Neste announced this summer that it had begun delivering SAF to SFO via the existing multi-product pipeline designed for the transport of fossil aviation fuels. SAF customers at Signature SFO can take advantage of the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard tax incentive programs, while those at London Luton can reduce carbon offsetting needs for the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme. NetJets committed to purchase up to 3 million gallons to cover flights from SFO as well as its Columbus, Ohio headquarters using book-and-claim.

Separately, several other developments are poised to propel a greater acceptance of SAF. A deal struck in 2020 between SAF provider SkyNRG and VistaJet enables the latter’s customers to voluntarily pay for the volume of SAF consumed in their flight through book-and-claim. Engine maker Rolls-Royce said it had begun research into the use of pure SAF, as opposed to the current 50 percent blend with conventional fuels. And global energy and commodity price benchmarking index Argus said it will begin including the SAF U.S. West Coast markets price as part of its daily jet fuel report.