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Russia’s Supreme Arbitration Court re-confirms illegality of Russian Customs’ restrictive measures


26 Feb 2014



Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation once again judges the FCS RF’s decisions as invalid, reconfirming that the TIR restrictions imposed by the FCS RF should be withdrawn.


Moscow – Further to last week’s decision by the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation that allegations used by the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS RF) and its Chairman, to justify TIR restrictions on Russian territory, are inconsistent with reality and defamatory (case number A40-134939/2013), the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation on 24 February once again judged the FCS RF’s decisions and letters issued as from 14 October 2013 invalid, reconfirming the illegality of the restrictions on TIR imposed by the FCS RF (case number VAS-17458/2013). 

Further to this significant decision by the highest judicial body of Russia, the IRU has reiterated its appeal to President Putin to ensure that the Chairman of the FCS RF fully respects this decision and confirms the reinstatement of the full functioning of the TIR System for import, transit and export on the entire territory of the Russian Federation with immediate effect.


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