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A robust budget is essential for the just transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable EU, says Iratxe García


09 Oct 2019


Today at the plenary debate on the upcoming European Council on the 17th and 18th of October, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament addressed the main priorities for the S&D Group.
On Brexit, Iratxe García said:
“We cannot accept any proposal that would not include the backstop. Let’s be clear: we will only support a proposal as long as it doesn’t build a new border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Any solution must avoid risking the peace process and at the same time, it must protect the single market.
“My political family is open to extending the deadline to apply Article 50 to avoid a Brexit without a deal because it would be detrimental for everyone, but mostly for the UK.”
On the long-term EU budget for the period 2021-2027, she said:
“It is essential to have additional financial resources to accomplish the policy commitments made by the Commission President-elect, and in particular a just ecological transition.
“We have been waiting to start negotiations with the Council since last November. This means that almost one year has been wasted. This is why we call on the Council to start the discussion of the next Multiannual Financial Framework as soon as possible.
“I also want to remind the Council that these programmes are decided by co-decision, on equal footing between the Parliament and the Council. We won’t accept any attempt from the Council to undermine the powers of the Parliament.”
Lastly, Iratxe García addressed the enormous challenge that the EU has ahead to lead the global fight against climate change and for the UN Sustainable Development Goals:
“A coherent implementation of the internal and external policies of the Union, and a robust budget to put in place adaptation and mitigation measures are crucial to reduce the impact of global warming.”