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Renewal of Cooperation Agreement between CENELEC and DIGITALEUROPE


24 Jun 2011



Brussels, 21 June 2011 

DIGITALEUROPE and CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, renewed their Cooperation Agreement, celebrating years of successful partnership, peppered with “Success Stories” such as the Universal Mobile Phone Charger, at a time when standardization and the pursuit of greater interoperability in the ICT sector is a priority for Europe, where ICT accounts for 5% of European Gross Domestic Product.

DIGITALEUROPE is the advocacy group of the European digital economy acting on behalf of the information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications sectors. As the voice and advocate of the Digital Technology Industry in Europe, DIGITALEUROPE promotes the collective interests of the converging information technology, communications technology and consumer electronics industries. In this capacity, DIGITALEUROPE is an ideal partner for CENELEC, in respect to the broad scope of activities it represents but also in terms of information sharing by expanding the pool of knowledge and relevant expertise in many common areas in the electrotechnical sector.

Representing DIGITALEUROPE, Markus Fritz, Vice-President of the Executive Board stated that:

“DIGITALEUROPE is pleased to continue the successful cooperation agreement between the European ICT industry and Europe’s standardization organization, CENELEC. Our agreement signifies the efforts of the ICT industry to be active participants in delivering European Standards in the ICT domain.
One great example of the concrete successes that has resulted from this collaboration is the recently launched common mobile phone charger, which subsequently became a global standard.”

Cooperation will continue to cover all fields of electrotechnical standardization, directly or indirectly related to the Information and Communications Technology/ Consumer Electronics industry. It will give the opportunity to DIGITALEUROPE to participate and to contribute to the standardization activities of CENELEC in these sectors.

This renewal will also push further the ongoing dialogue between the two partners, something that can only be of mutual benefit. The channel of communication for proposals, contributions or opinions will be no other than the CENELEC Technical Board, to whom DIGITALEUROPE proposals and contributions will be directed.

CEN-CENELEC Director General, Mrs Elena Santiago Cid was delighted with this renewal of trust and added that:
“CENELEC welcomes the renewal of this long standing cooperation and we hope to further strengthen our dialogue around future DIGITALEUROPE contributions on European standardization in the CENELEC Technical bodies.”

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization is officially responsible for standardization in the electrotechnical field. In an ever more global economy, CENELEC fosters innovation and competitiveness, making technology available not only to major businesses but also to SMEs through the production of voluntary standards. CENELEC creates market access at the European level but also at the international level through its cooperation agreement with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Through the work of its 31 Members together with its experts, the industry federations and consumers, Electrotechnical European Standards are created in order to help shape the European Internal Market, to encourage technological development, to ensure interoperability and to guarantee the safety and health of consumers and provide environmental protection. Detailed information available at


DIGITALEUROPE is dedicated to improving the business environment for the European information and communications technology and consumer electronics (ICT and CE) sector, and to promoting the industry's contribution to economic growth and social progress in the European Union. Our group ensures industry participation in the development and implementation of EU policies. DIGITALEUROPE's members include 57 leading corporations and 37 national trade associations from across Europe representing altogether 10,000 companies with 2 million employees and 1,000 billion Euros in revenues.

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