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Reflection Group’s “Project Europe 2030”: CEEP asks for more ambition on citizens’ values


10 May 2010


Social Europe & Jobs

CEEP welcomes the work by the Reflection group and the attempt to look to the long term ofEurope 2030 challenges. However, “We are disappointed to find that in the reflectiongroup’s opinion, the Europe 2030 horizon should still be driven by the ‘market mantra’ andnot by the citizens’ needs”, CEEP General Secretary Ralf Resch explained today.

“Growth does not fall from heaven, but is a result of private and public efforts, Resch

continued. “Without Services of General Interest, better education, social inclusion and

competitive infrastructures, the eco-efficient society of the future cannot become a reality”,

Resch pointed out.


“We appreciate that a new deal for the Single Market should include  measures to enhance social inclusion, particularly in relation to education, health and banking services. We also appreciate the positive attitude towards subsidiarity, giving citizens the option to decide how they want their Services of General Interest being organised. This is at least an improvement from the Europe 2020 strategy. However, we would have liked to see more of this recognition of the central role of Services of General Interest in building a prosperous and functioning single market.


A prosperous and functioning single market is in the interest of European citizens and can

only work out if decisions are taken at the most effective level and as close as possible to the citizens. The report rightly states this, and CEEP can only support this principle which,

together with the in-house clause, is at the heart of an effective provision of high quality and affordable Services of General Interest.


For further information, please contact:

Valeria RONZITTI, Director of CEEP - tel. +32 (0) 2 219 27 98