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16 Feb 2023



FIEC stands behind the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) and the people of Ukraine and will provide as much assistance as possible in both the short term and in the preparation of the reconstruction phase.

Following the war that started almost 1 year ago, Ukraine has unfortunately become the World's largest construction site, implying a full-scale recovery that may cost around EUR 750 billion. Considering this context, the Recovery Construction Forum was held in Warsaw on 15th February to table discussions aimed at further strengthening the communication and the contacts among the construction industries of the European countries to accelerate the reconstruction of Ukrainian affected communities.

The Forum brought together the EU and leading construction companies of Ukraine, as well as Government’s representatives, European and international donors and other stakeholders. The invited guests tackled issues related to the strategic recovery planning, rules, financing, policies and forecasts of participation of companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

In his intervention, FIEC President, Philip Crampton, stressed that “FIEC engaged in a continuous dialogue with CBU since the outbreak of the war. In addition, FIEC has also been in dialogue with other Ukrainian representatives, such as the Ukraine’s Mission to the EU in Brussels or municipal representatives”.

FIEC Task Force “Ukraine”

Together with its sister organisation, the European International Contractors (EIC), FIEC set up the Task Force “Ukraine” in July 2022 with a focus on issues related to the reconstruction phase. EU officials, as well as the stakeholders involved in the construction process, have also been invited to take part to the meetings of the Task Force.

FIEC Honorary President and Chairman of the Task Force, Kjetil Tonning, stated that “One of its main objectives is to ensure some coordination between the various on-going initiatives, as well as to share information and best practices that are taking place at EU and national level”.

Recommendations on Ukraine’s reconstruction

Philip Crampton also highlighted that FIEC and its partners are working on a set of recommended principles that should guide Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Rebuilding in accordance with EU standards in terms of technical, social and environmental aspects (such as energy efficiency of buildings, urban planning, smart mobility), and with an open eye on issues related to political governance, will be part of these recommendations.

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FIEC Press and Communication Officer